About us

Alliance Project Services Inc. (APS) is a Veteran Owned business delivering technical services both CONUS & OCONUS. APS was founded in 2008 with the simple ideas of business integrity, trust and Strategic Project Alliances with our customers and partners. We deliver top-quality Supply Chain, Logistics and Labor Supply Management services anywhere in the world on a cost-effective basis. We are highly reliant on repeat business and word of mouth marketing, so predictable high-quality performance is our priority.

Experience: Our Leadership has held senior positions with Raytheon Technical Services, Brown & Root Inc., Kellogg Brown & Root Services, and Northrop Worldwide Aircraft Services Inc. We have over seventy (70) years of knowledge and experience working in the Global Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Labor Supply Management disciplines. APS has worked with numerous prime contractors supporting many branches of the US Military, DTRA, NSF, DOE, DOS, and USAID.

APS offers:

  • Proven past performance in remote and often hostile environments
  • Multi-disciplinary skills applicable to Domestic and International projects
  • Global capabilities, know-how and expertise in selected business sectors
  • Contractual flexibility and trust-based relationships
  • Very lean, hands-on management structure

APS’s core philosophy: People are our strength and performance is our discriminator.

Tod E Nickles

President & CEO – Alliance Project Services, Inc.

Tod is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in US Government Contracting and Supply Chain Management. As President and CEO of APS, he has demonstrated performance in procurement of material and equipment, personnel logistics services and global supply chain management. Tod has overseen travel and deployment of over 10,000 US expats, Host Country Nationals and Other Country Nationals and has executed procurement and delivery of an extensive set of materials worldwide.

Tod has held senior positions at Raytheon Technical Services, Brown & Root Inc. and Northrop Worldwide Aircraft Services Inc., and served as a Contract Administrator and Contracting Officer for the United States Air Force.

Simon Forrester-Wood

Vice President of Logistics – Alliance Project Services, Inc.

Simon is a highly capable and motivated procurement and logistics professional with over 14 years experience in material procurement, logistics and logistics management. Simon has developed an in depth knowledge of best value procurement practices and all transport mediums for both CONUS and OCONUS projects. Simonmanages a diverse network of manufacturers, distributors, freight forwarders, carriers and custom brokers worldwide. Simon has an in depth knowledge of global supply chains for shipment of US specified construction and construction related materials from the US to multiple locations across the globe including the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

Eric Hoeny

Vice President of  Supply Chain – Alliance Project Services, Inc.

Eric is a proven leader who has worked in the Government Services sector as well as the Oil & Gas sector both domestically and internationally for over twenty years. He has overseen the development, enhancement and deployment of numerous applications to include procurement systems, electronic timekeeping systems and inventory control systems. He has also deployed and managed company networks both domestically and internationally. Eric joined APS in November of 2011.

Prior to joining APS, Eric worked for Kellogg Brown and Root and Ascot International services.